The Specification Of 6D ball valves

I was taking a look at and at the same time having a conversation with a friend about the use of valves in various industries, the requirement for the standardization of the valves was also included in the discussion. All the manufacturers as well as end users which were present were able to reach a general agreement which was clearer, this is because a general standards would be of great benefit to the industry in general, especially when the lamentable oil prices are given.

Well, with the look of things, these wishes may be coming to reality, the International body of Oil and gas Producers has recently released the Specification which was used to supplement what is required for API Spec 6D Ball Valves.KP-LOK Made Ball Valve

Recently, there was a 98 page document which I have just taken a look at which shows clearly the wealth of relevant information. Although, am not an engineer but this information contains relevant information and my aim is to take it home so that I can take a look at the content more closely.

However, one of the specific items of text which I got to see immediately was the forewords and it is on the page 5. The statement reads as follows:

The specification was prepared by IOGP which was supported by the World Economic Forum. The notable members from different bodies around the world take part by part by providing effort so as to enhance the standardization level in the industry. The major goal of the work is to obtain a common procurement from the members and also obtain a unified Specification which will build on the existing industry as well as standards across other countries. This is the major specification which can be used to show the authenticity of this concept.

I am very certain that the gentlemen whom am speaking with before now would applaud the intention of the IOGP and WEF participants in this regard, and would also be in line with the hopes which was expressed for the actual implementation of S-562 in the remainder of the foreword:

After the agreement which was made by the relevant JIP 33 sub-team as well as the approval by the JIPP33 Steering Committee, the Management Committee of IOGP has agreed to the publication of this specification by IOGP. The following step is for the individuals that are operating the companies to evaluate the specification and also determine whether to replace their own specification with this joint specification so as to achieve a real standardization across the oil and gas industry for the subject which is at hand. This is applicable to the participating companies and hopefully most of the members of IOGP and WEF.

However, the challenge is that, to what extent will the companies operating show willingness to do away with the standards which they have already gotten, most of which include the result of several years or even decades of the unique experience in the field.

This is a germane question which I aim to ask from the end users very soon so that an appropriate answer can be gotten.